Returning to Interpersonal Dialogue and Understanding Human Communication in the Digital Age

Buber's (lucid) reasoning is that though “the psychological” plays a role in the encounter, and in explaining the meaning of the encounter, nonetheless it is “only the hidden accompaniment to the conversation itself, the phonetic event ...

Returning to Interpersonal Dialogue and Understanding Human Communication in the Digital Age

Digital collaboration is abundant in today’s world, but it is often problematic and does not provide an apt solution to the human need for comprehensive communication. Humans require more personal interactions beyond what can be achieved online. Returning to Interpersonal Dialogue and Understanding Human Communication in the Digital Age is a collection of innovative studies on the methods and applications of comparing online human interactions to face-to-face interactions. While highlighting topics including digital collaboration, social media, and privacy, this book is a vital reference source for public administrators, educators, businesses, academicians, and researchers seeking current research on the importance of non-digital communication between people.

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