Love That Never Dies

There's a mission we do against my previous company director... I want you to get closer to him and make him falls in your love, and then we take pictures while he's naked, and then we threatening him with these pictures.

Love That Never Dies

A story of love and sacrifice. John and Sarah In the suburbs of one of the major cities and behind the forests and valleys and towering mountain ranges hides a small village with a beautiful rural house of picturesque nature. It has a lot of farms to cultivate fruits, grapes, oranges, vegetables, and all that people desire with fresh nature air and beautiful scenery away from the noise of the city and the congestion of the street and air that is polluted all the time by vehicles’ fuel. Betrayal. Ron, the manager of the company and the one, likes Sarah, the daughter of the company director. The story shows how to become the enemy to Sam the director and his daughter after she refused to marry him and then how Ron used a group of unwanted people to carry out dangerous plans against them, and they lost all their possessions. Sarah coping with pressure. The book shows how Sarah managed to cope with the pressures and continue to reveal the truth and to realise them from jail in the end and then she got married to her lover after pressure and great suffering have gone through their lives and declared victory in the end.

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