Major Detours

I try to let the trees remind me who I am, remind me why it's still important to take this journey. For good measure, I also hold several tarot cards in my hand, hoping they'll speak to me if the woods won't.

Major Detours

One of Lambda Literary's Most Anticipated Books of the Month One of PopSugar's Best New YA Books Released in September Choose your path forward in this mystical interactive YA about the powers of friendship, self-discovery, and tarot. It's the summer before college and four best friends—Amelia, Chase, Cleo, and Logan—are on the first leg of their road trip inspired by the unique tarot deck that Amelia inherited from her grandmother. However, their trip full of visiting occult shops, bonding and sightseeing, takes a major detour as the friends discover that their tarot deck is more valuable—and coveted—than they could've ever imagined. As the friends race to finish this mystical scavenger-hunt across the West coast and uncover the mysteries of their tarot deck, it is you who will decide where to go next and how the story will end. With four possible final and romantic endings, you will get to make actual choices to further the friends’ road trip adventure in this unique interactive novel. ​Will you uncover the mysteries of the tarot deck and the legacy left behind? Will you help Amelia and Chase learn and grow? And will you unravel the secrets these friends keep from each other—and from themselves?

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