XML Schema

The value of the following element: <title lang="en"> Being a Dog Is a Full-Time Job </title> is the full string: Being a Dog Is a Full-Time Job with all its tabs, and CR/LE if the title element is a type xs : string.

XML Schema

Discusses how schemas are used for XML and how they are developed, covering topics such as using predefined simple datatypes, creating complex datatypes, defining uniqueness, controlling namespaces, and documenting schemas.

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Being a Dog Is a Full-Time Job
Language: en
Pages: 128
Authors: Charles M. Schulz
Categories: Humor
Type: BOOK - Published: 1994-04 - Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Filled with a year's worth of strips, this book from cartoonist-philosopher Schulz is certain to top the list of his smashing volumes. The world's most famous beagle works hard in his job as a dog, as portrayed in the pages of this humorous yet thought-provoking strip.
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As developers know, the beauty of XML is that it is extensible, even to the point that you can invent new elements and attributes as you write XML documents. Then, however, you need to define your changes so that applications will be able to make sense of them and this
XML Schema
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Authors: Eric van der Vlist
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If you need to create or use formal descriptions of XML vocabularies, the W3C's XML Schema offers a powerful set of tools for defining acceptable document structures and content. An alternative to DTDs as the way to describe and validate data in an XML environment, XML Schema enables developers to
Mobile Services in the Networked Economy
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"This book provides new insight into the structure and dynamics of the mobile services industry by combining novel ideas from complexity theory, from the research of vertical integration strategies and from the theories of networked organizations. These ideas and theories are then applied to the context of three different types